Episode 270 With Mads

Do we have a treat for you this episode! It’s the first booking of 2021 for Sef, AND it is the first NON mainstream girl we have booked EVER! You read that correctly, she has NEVER shot with any director or any mainstream company. Sef finds this girl through Twitter and follows some of her friends. Just Dave can’t believe his eyes when he sees the girl and learns about her. 
We know next to NOTHING about this girl until the episode, it’s totally new for us to interview someone like her, and Porn Island gets VERY interesting!Con also deems this the easiest lips or no lips EVER, but is it? How did she get into the industry? How has she been so successful? Will she ever jump into shooting with mainstream companies and directors? 
Find out her origin story and her plans for the future in this NEVER before executed episode! 

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