Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 007 With Wifey Banana

“Wifey Banana” and I met well over 10 years ago at a pole dancing contest in Atlanta Georgia. Although she has no recollection of meeting me we did swap Facebook profiles. (yes it was that long Facebook was still a thing). One day she announced that she had started an Onlyfans I messaged her over […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 006 With Arizona Jeep Girl

Let me introduce you to Arizona Jeep Girl – a hard bodied housewife turned late-blooming model, She started gaining popularity within the offroad 4×4 community. Initially only creating bikini and applied nudity content, showcasing her love for jeeps, off-roading, and the outdoors. When the world faced the challenges of COVID-19, Arizona Jeep Girl fearlessly adapted, […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 005 with Shae Snow

Shae Snow and I have some history.  She is one of my favorite people I know.  Listen in as  We talk about some old times together and have a lot of laughs.  Shae is a born charmer from Minnesota, adorned with ivory skin, mesmerizing green eyes,a tall Nordic allure, and charisma that just oozes out […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 004 with Ashlee Graham

A petite redhead hailing from the sunny shores of San Diego, Ashlee Graham’s sexual journey began with self exploration, a curious spirit and, of course, a shower head. Like many Ashley’s first sexual encounter was marked by the awkwardness of adolescence and some bullying. Navigating love in the adult industry has proven challenging. Ashlee faced […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 003 With Luna Lovely

Step into the  world of Luna Lovely, a mesmerizing soul whose journey of self-discovery began at an unusually young age. With a smile reminiscent of Julia Roberts, Luna is breathtaking – with long brown hair, deep dark brown eyes, slim, petite, radiating skin, and an openness and charisma that makes her very approachable. Originating from […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 002 With Katana Jade

Meet Katana Jade, a captivating 30-year-old Asian model with roots in the enchanting landscapes of Hawaii. Born into a traditional and conservative Asian family, Katana’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her to wander from Hawaii to Portland Oregon for college. There, she embarked on a transformative educational journey, delving into courses on “Sex work” […]

Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 001 With Lick My Versace

Carnal Talk

Embark on a sensual journey with our captivating enchantress, a svelte fusion of Scottish allure and Colombian passion. Meet “Lick My Versace” the bewitching beauty who started as a tantalizing cam model and gracefully transitioned into the realm of OnlyFans, where fantasies come alive. With dark, flowing tresses and a figure that defies the ordinary, […]

Episode 274 With Aria Carson

What a BREATH of fresh air. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a beautiful, bubbly, and PDP virgin on the show today! She gets into the industry by way of her braces. She starts shooting for Braced and realizes that she is a sex freak.  Con shares some stories from his past in this episode, while the girl […]

Episode 273 With Peter Warren

Ladies and gentlemen,  boys and girls… we have a very very specialtreat in our studio today.  The man with the hardest job in porn, Peter Warren! He has a very special announcement for his very first featuredocumentary, which launches soon.JUST DAVE and Peter bond over common heritage. Peter gives us the inside scoop on AVN […]

Episode 272 With Casca Akashova

Do we have an interesting show for you! We have a Russian beauty that is petite with gigantic boobs. How big? Con is stunned by the answer when he describes this beautiful woman from Mother Russia. She starts her career from college studying to be a petroleum engineer. That’s a first on our podcast! What […]

Episode 271 With Lola Fae

This episode has some controversy RIGHT from the start! Who booked this lovely petite spinner? You all know the rules, whoever books the girl, announces, but who was it… Sef or Con? This girl has SO much to look at. From her cute smile, expressive eyes, and tons of tattoos…. she’s absolutely stunning ! We learn so much about […]

Episode 270 With Mads

Do we have a treat for you this episode! It’s the first booking of 2021 for Sef, AND it is the first NON mainstream girl we have booked EVER! You read that correctly, she has NEVER shot with any director or any mainstream company. Sef finds this girl through Twitter and follows some of her friends. […]

Repeat 260 With Ziggy Star

Boy oh boy do we have a show for you! After several episodes, we finally have the whole gang together. Just Dave finally getting the swing of things with his announcing skills with this amazing girl! We learn she’s not the innocent girl next door you’d think she’d be. She talks about her experiences in […]

Episode 269 With Jessica Ryan

Holy cow do we have a show for you! From the jump, the girl starts showing off her vocabulary, calling herself insatiable! She goes into great detail about how much she loves sex, and how much people love fucking her. She tells us that she is genuinely addicted to cock and can’t get enough of it. […]

Episode 268 With Ricky Greenwood

Con said it from the very start of this episode,  that we had a special treat today, and he was right! Hailing all the way from Montreal,Quebec … our guest is a legend. Starting out in the Canadian version of Entertainment Tonight,  he shoots and directs all the way from mainstream, to basically starting mainstream porn! He […]

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