Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 005 with Shae Snow

Shae Snow and I have some history.  She is one of my favorite people I know.  Listen in as  We talk about some old times together and have a lot of laughs.  Shae is a born charmer from Minnesota, adorned with ivory skin, mesmerizing green eyes,a tall Nordic allure, and charisma that just oozes out of her . We share some laughs over swinger parties and proudly claim to be Eskimo cousins or uhhhh something like that.

What is the mystery of  “37?”  Why is set to be a pivotal year in her life?  Listen and find out.  Shae is the crown as the oral queen, I have never met a girl with such a large oral craving.   Every ounce of fiber goes into her Oral obsession.   And trust me I know she is really really good at it.  . Get ready for Shae Snow

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