Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 002 With Katana Jade

Meet Katana Jade, a captivating 30-year-old Asian model with roots in the enchanting landscapes of Hawaii.

Born into a traditional and conservative Asian family, Katana’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her to wander from Hawaii to Portland Oregon for college. There, she embarked on a transformative educational journey, delving into courses on “Sex work” and Feminism. This intellectual exploration sparked a newfound passion and curiosity within her.

Driven by her new found knowledge and adventurous spirit, Katana decided to step into the world of nude dancing, where she discovered this platform to express herself freely. Breaking away from the constraints of tradition, she embraced her adventurous side and ventured into modeling, showcasing on Suicide Girls and other platforms.

Katana’s story takes an intriguing turn as she opens the door to her world on OnlyFans. A platform where her intelligence meets her kinkiness. Her petite, slim frame adorned with tattoos tells a story of rebellion and individuality, making her a true unicorn in the realm of modern beauty.

Join Katana and Nelly on her journey as she continues to redefine the boundaries of tradition and explores the uncharted territories of self-expression.

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