Carnal Talk Podcast Episode 003 With Luna Lovely

Step into the  world of Luna Lovely, a mesmerizing soul whose journey of self-discovery began at an unusually young age. With a smile reminiscent of Julia Roberts, Luna is breathtaking – with long brown hair, deep dark brown eyes, slim, petite, radiating skin, and an openness and charisma that makes her very approachable.

Originating from the sun-soaked landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona, Luna’s roots run deep in the desert soil. This 29-year-old is not conventional in the least.  Just Wait till you hear who she first masturbated to, Her Polyamorous lifestyle, and her openness to sex!

As a submissive, Luna explores the intricate dance of desire with pain, Although her first love is BDSM she also loves to shoot “normal” scenes.  One thing I love about Luna is she brings authenticity to every intimate encounter.

I can attest to the magic she brings to her content. As I have been lucky enough to work with Luna twice.  Her scenes are not just performances; they are raw, real, and pulsating with genuine passion.  She prefers to make her content with amateurs and prefers not to quote unquote “act.”  Because of this genuine love for pleasure, she has a loyal following on Onlyfans and Chatterbate.

If you like what you hear and are curious, you can visit either my Onlyfans or hers to see us in action.   We have two really good scenes together and lets just say she helps me live up to my onlyfans name “Nelly Has Big Loads.”

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