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Episode 254 With Mackenzie Moss

Mackenzie Moss joins us! This brand spankin new beauty is on fire! We love to hear a new girls perspective on the big road ahead,and she is inspired! Let’s find out where she came from ,cause we got a glimpse she may be headed to becoming the next best thing! http://www.porndirectorpodcast.com/mp3/pdp254.mp3Podcast: Play in new window […]

Episode 248 With Kira Noir

Kira Noir melts the studio with hotness! What an Episode! Kira is a show favorite, before she even came on! What a body, personality, sexuality…..and what stories she shares! The PDP Games are hilarious this round, when 4 of us, get to try and guess what makes Kira so gorgeous! A definite listen for all […]

Episode 201 – With Kendra Sunderland & Tucker

The Library Girl joins us! Kendra Sunderland is here! Find out about the truth behind what really happen that put her “on the map!” In true PDP fashion,we go deep into her past to find out what she did before during and after this incident that gained her international stardom. She has non stop interesting […]

Episode 137 With Stella Cox, Lana Rhoades, & Mark Speigler

OMG! This show is PACKED with goodness. Super Agent Mark Speigler brings not one, but TWO incredibly hot girls! Stella Cox joins us, and you won’t believe what she tells us! Did she actually get random guys for to video with her, before she was even in the business? No way! She explains what “Doging” […]

Episode 126 With Karmen Karma & Adriana Chechik

Well she is finally here,and she brought Adriana. What a wild bunch! The Dynamic Duo of Dirty! An Episode youll never forget! Busted by her parents while webcamming,it all started. With a “Titanic” experience she couldnt have ever thought of doing anything else! She even trades stories with Adriana and gives us a PDP EXCLUSIVE! […]

Episode 124 With Gina Valentina

Porra! We love Brazilian hotties,and Gina Valentina is just that! At 18,and a newbie,she is bound for stardom.She started early by watching Anime and sneaking boys in her room! Now she’s lovin every day she works in Adult. Being totally bi sexual,she gives us a insight on both sides of her scenes.With that gorgeous Brazilian […]

Episode 123 With Amber Rayne

Veteran Performer, lover of ice hockey, equine purveyor and Anal Queen Amber Rain stops by! She has a huge career announcement! Stories of her craziest scenes start flying early! So many of the craziest scenes on camera are brought up.Her love for baseball bats, but not baseball, her Dad being an NHL Veteran, and what […]

Episode 113 With Aubrey Gold

The PDP is getting notorious for bringing you Loyal Listeners young southern belle’s! This week after her Monday night Periscope preview @porndirpod… Aubrey Gold joins the show! Not only does this 18 year old blonde bombshell “christen” the couch, but she tells us, she started soon after her 18th birthday, and has never has a […]

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