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Episode 139 With Dana Vespoli

Fan favorite and Hall of Famer Dana Vespoli joins us! What an Episode! Dana reflects on a lot of great topics.Her medical fetishes,favorite TV shows,and a fascination for crime stories. A couple of exclusives happen.Big announcements and a whole new,never before heard Island segment.She goes deep into her thoughts of current industry trends,and what stimulated […]

Episode 110 With Dana Vespoli & Lee Syatt

The fans have spoken! What an Episode! Legendary Performer and Director Dana Vespoli joins us again… AND shes under the microscope from everyones favorite “flying Jew” Lee Syatt! Con returns from his adventures to enlighten us, with his perversion! Dana goes deep to talk about her views on a ton of great topics, and upcoming […]

Episode 045 With Dana Vespoli

Veteran Performer and Director,and general purveyor of all things booty related Dana Vespoli stops by.Great topics abound,even an impromptu interview with CoN!! She discusses how she hires people,to how long she once took to seal the deal with her “girl crush,” ,to how she is truly will always be a “gonzo girl”…and discusses in depthly […]

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