Repeat 187 – Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace joins us! What an episode this is! A truly great performer when the chips are down, is just the beginning of the great topics that we cover. When your Mom breaks in and busts you when you’re losing your virginity definitely makes epic stories for the show!

It doesn’t stop there, how about when you have sleepovers and guys end up in your mom’s bed instead. Sophia has some of the greatest stories we’ve heard on the show to date! Definetly going to become a fan favorite, with her stories about everything she’s done leading up to the industry, and while in the industry doing everything including DP’s and loving gangbangs. The diversity of this show makes it quite special, as we break down how she feels politically about the industry, what girls end up doing in the industry for quick fame, and how people end up migrating into the business.

Definitely going to be a high rated show, Sophia has a deep knowledge and understanding of how the inside of the business operates. Listen to this one immediately it’s great and would love to expand more with Sophia in the future ….on your favorite podcast of all time! Enjoy!


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