Episode 191 – With Kasey Warner & Elsa Jean


Sorry folks due to technical difficulties we do not have video for this episode 🙁

Kasey Warner joins us and what a great chick! She has a very diverse look at sexuality, one that we’ve never seen on the show before. She talks about a very intriguing way to learn about her sexuality through watching movies, but then never really committing, until the day she decided to go for the big one.our special guest host Elsa Jean is also very intrigued, but then goes off on her own tangents that have Kasey and Sal laughing their asses off!

Definitely a great episode for those thinkers out there, because Kasey’s intellect is something above the average!

It was a great show just listening to all of her philosophies in the way she thinks and organizes her life. She talks about a funny time for her first girl/ girl scene, and what really happened. Love the show it was great and you guys will definitely enjoy it, Kasey is definitely a very interesting and sexy girl, and this weeks guesthouse is absolutely letting it all hang out once again on the show, where she feels comfortable enough to get into the deep dark recesses of her deviance!

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