Episode 190 – With Bridgette B.

What an episode this is! Bridgette B is just letting it all hang out !

When you lose your virginity and it takes you all the way to college to do so that’s definitely gonna be a good story!

Going from Spain to the United States for college. Thisss is where her life turned around, and she shares it all with us!

How do you go from losing your virginity to anal in two weeks, and being the ultimate sorority girl, this is what Bridgette talks to us about.

She definitely puts extra spice on our weekly games. We bring back her “perfect man” segment, and you will be shocked at how short of a time it takes her to figure it out.

She even comes clean, which is a rarity and talks about the plastic surgery she had done and how much she enjoys it!

Bridget is straight up awesome wonderful, cheerful, beautiful, and someone that just does it her way!

What a great episode we go through all the beginnings of her college years, how she got into the business, and what’s new and upcoming for her.

Would love to have her own again because it was such a great episode we need more!


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