Episode 186 – Stills by Alan

Here’s a great show, Stills by Alan of Girlsway joins us. Alan has done so many different jobs, this episode gives anybody that wants a job in the industry other than talent a great insight. Alan talks about being a fan then getting into the industry and working his way up to being a Director of some really great stuff. His Porn Island is very unique, and so is his insight on casting, the girls he likes to use, the philosophies of the company, and how they use fan interaction to create a successful line. Really a great episode that let you know what it’s like to go into the industry as a crew member or employee and work your way up to do something really creative that’s awesome for the fans.

Super great insight, it was a joy to have Alan on to tell us all and give us all hope and possibility to get into the exciting world of the adult entertainment industry.

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