Episode 185 – With Kendra Lynn & Brock Doom

The Porn Director Podcast has had some fun bubbly girls on in the past. Kendra Lynn joins us this week, and man she is just filled with joy. Born in the Midwest, and coming from a prudish background, she is now a self proclaimed dirty blonde, and a dirty girl. CoN and Sal fire their weekly fun and exciting Podcast games at her. Wait till you hear about her love for creampies and what she’s done to fulfill that need!

You guys will love this episode because it takes an all natural sweet corn fed girl, and turns her into a much sluttier girl you will all love. Brock Doom podbombs to fill us in on what’s been going on with him after his accident, and the great friendship they have between he and Kendra. In porn terms this means that they bang each other.Great episode if you like a good story about a Midwest girl that’s done good and become super nasty.


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