Episode 173 – With Tiffany Watson

Oh my God we got a wild one on our hands! Tiffany Watson joins us for one of our most wildest shows to date!

She has epic stories about her pre-porn life, that include threesomes, and being that blowjob girl that lives in the neighborhood,

If you are one of our video format fans, she grabbed the Hitachi and goes to town on her self! Just a great show with a gorgeous, energetic, and lovable two year veteran that has nothing but endless good times ahead. Her stories of early sexual exploits, have our heads spinning. She is definitely a born for porn kind of girl. Few girls possess an appetite like Tiffany, so sit back and enjoy this one, definitely a wild ride of an episode!


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  1. Ahh, getting back to the glory days of girls using the toys. A welcome return, and now the video feed is available, it makes it even better.

    Good job, Ms Watson.

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