Episode 160 With Adria Rae

With only a year in the industry this wild child has found her way. In one of our longest episodes in history, we can’t help not enjoying every minute of what she has to say.

Another small town girl finds her way into the industry. What started out as a homecoming fuck, turns into a slightly revengeful rampage of industry sex. She breaks down what she thinks of certain sex acts, and what she thinks is a way to stay in a relationship. Giving us an unbelievable answer to what really turns her on, we haven’t heard the likes of that in a long time. She even gets naked and we put her through and anal-ysis. Truly an enjoyable show filled with lots of humor, nudity, and those unbelievable stories you used to hearing. Adria Rae is definitely one of our favorites, due to her bubbly awesome personality, beauty, and what a body this girl has. You’ll definitely enjoy this one and she will become a favorite of yours as well as she has become one of our favorites!


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  1. Thanks guys for another great podcast. And massive thanks to Adria for being the guest and saving this weeks show. I wish you all the success you want and deserve, Adria.

    Here’s to many more scenes, many more years and continued growth in your repertoire.

    Let’s hear it for the roast beef!

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