Episode 137 With Stella Cox, Lana Rhoades, & Mark Speigler

OMG! This show is PACKED with goodness. Super Agent Mark Speigler brings not one, but TWO incredibly hot girls! Stella Cox joins us, and you won’t believe what she tells us! Did she actually get random guys for to video with her, before she was even in the business? No way! She explains what “Doging” is.

A perfect 10, Lana Rhoades joins us,and trust us, she will be the next big porn superstar! What awesome stories she has, all by the tender age of 19. Did guys really tell her she was too horny for them?

What a freaking epic show, and you got it ….a double DSA anal-lysis! What we found will definitely astound you!
We may even walk away with some Naughty Award nominees! WHOA! A must listen,for sure!


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  1. Fuck yeah, Stella Cox is fantastic. Been following her for a while and her Santa’s Little Helpers themed scene with Tina Kay (btw, was there any contact between you guys and her after I suggested it on Twitter?) for Fake Taxi is brilliant.

    Thanks chaps, I’ll download it now and listen to it very soon.

  2. OMG Con, you know who Mary Millington is? She was my very first porn crush and such a tragic end to her life story. I was three when she died, but discovered her thanks to my friends dads porn collection of Lovebirds and Playbirds (not Playgirls, you were close ;p) that were hidden in an old over out in the shed. Good times. I miss those times.

    But the good news is we have fantastic british (well, she does live here currently) talent to this day, such as Stella Cox, helping to keep the British (and international) end up.

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