Episode 123 With Amber Rayne

Veteran Performer, lover of ice hockey, equine purveyor and Anal Queen Amber Rain stops by! She has a huge career announcement! Stories of her craziest scenes start flying early!

So many of the craziest scenes on camera are brought up.Her love for baseball bats, but not baseball, her Dad being an NHL Veteran, and what she may or may not have done with crucifixes! Even Con of course cant let her leave without a good old fashion PDP “Analysis” One of the strongest Performers ever, a great Episode for a look into what scenes are like, when done on the crazier side! Amber rocks, and has such a great personality, it makes for a great show! Get the video segment as well!



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  1. Another good interview. I love the veteran performers and their tales of their careers. I’d love it if you could bring her back for more. For me, the appeal for your Podcasts are all the backstage gossip.

    I’m sure you’ve seen it, but if not, you need to check out her bonus scene with Dirty Garden Girl in Pussy Acrobats 2014 – http://members.evilangel.com/en/video/BONUS-Pussy-Acrobats/63984


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